Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Twin Cities Marathon

By Adam Majewski

Alhamdulillah the marathon This past sunday was both a blast and a bomb for my self as I paced the runners to a race which ended up getting them all across the line at least 10 minutes faster then they where scheduled to do so. How ever un like most of my past race's not many know this that mentally I did not hit the wall but physically I did how ever hit the wall and quite hard too. To the point where mentally it started effecting me on some level. Which didn't bother me, but made me think "wow pacing sucks". This though made me have to think about what I need to do for the next time I choose to pace In Shaa Allah. I do hope to some day pace for other races, It just wont be for a while once some parts of my life moves on.

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